PROtaxi mobile
Passengers love it
It makes a difference.
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Orders are easily sent from any iPhone or Android smartphone.
The app speeds up the requests and simplifies the booking process. It finds a driver
close to the pick up location, in a matter of seconds.
How the application works ...
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Set the Pick Up address
By moving the map to the right area or tapping the location icon, the app automatically finds the pick up address through GPS.
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Customize the riding experience
Comfortable and efficient rides are ensured by choosing a particular type of car with specific options, getting a fare estimate and selecting the preferred payment method.
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Arrival and pick up
Passengers can check driver info and track his arrival on the map. They ride safely with licensed and trustworthy drivers for a more pleasant experience.
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Rate the riding experience
Passengers can anonymously rate both the driver and the riding experience. Suggestions will improve company’s services and driver’s performance.
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Pre-booked taxi
Taxi orders are automatically processed, without the need of a dispatcher. Passengers are notified on time to confirm the order and the system automatically informs the drivers from the pick up area.
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Route and communication
The passenger sees in real time, on the map, his driver’s arrival, being also notified about it. The app enables written and vocal communication with the driver for a better, more direct experience.
Book a taxi from anywhere
From the airport, at the subway or from the comfort of your home.

The centre of a crowded city or a pub is not an impediment anymore. As there is no need for a dispatcher, noise is not a problem and picking up a taxi is a breeze.
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Available in Google Play & App Store
The app will be customized to match elements of your company’s brand such as
logo, menu, splash screen, icon as well as prices and contact details.
What are the riders saying ?
Review 1
Rebecca, USA
Uses the app for 1 month
With the app I found a taxi almost instantly.
I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner.
Review 2
Andrew, UK:
Uses the app for 4 months
I always use the app when I go out with my friends. It’s easy and practical!