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Stay one step ahead
Gain competitive advantage and higher income with our app.
The interfaces are customized with your taxi company’s logo, prices, contact details and more.
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Reports & Analytics
Our reports provide an accurate business overview to help you gain competitive advantage and make decisions based on real-time data.

Reports and analytics provide details about fleet, orders, drivers and passengers. If needed, additional customized reports can be generated to better understand your business needs.
Client Anticipata
Client Anticipata
A new tool of communication
Getting feedback about taxi drivers, fleet, service quality is the starting point for future wise business decisions and one of the best ways to increase user retention rate and improve customer satisfaction.
Effective marketing campaigns
Target customers and approach them through multiple channels such as customized push notifications, SMS notification, emails or direct call in order to increase income.
Client Anticipata
Client Anticipata
Create and manage promotions
One of the best ways to engage riders and drive orders is through the use of coupons.

Incentivize your users with discount or referral coupons or reward them with crediting their account directly.
Our app adapts to your way of working.
We stand out through customized solutions adapted to our clients' needs.
We provide cutting-edge technology and care for our client throughout the entire collaboration.
Transparency and full control
The control pannel enables you to manage the administrative tasks of your business. You’ll have your own
taxi management tool to track the drivers, view passenger details and drivers’ ratings,
manage jobs, notifications and get customized reports.
Control panel
Real-time monitoring
All your taxi cars are accurately localized and displayed on the map. Each driver’s reviews and ratings can be easily viewed.

The dispatcher monitors in real time all the details regarding orders. It’s the most efficient way to avoid fake customers and to help your operators and drivers work more efficiently.
Client Anticipata
Client Anticipata
Webdesk for restaurant, hotels and bars provides the same ease of use and accuracy as the app. Parteners can order a taxi from any of these places with the tap of a button.

Webdesk creates a new channel that will bring more riders and helps your partners in booking a taxi.
What are the managers saying ?
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Michael, USA
Uses the app for 7 months
I stay in touch with my customers and drivers more than ever.
Review 2
Peter, UK
Uses the app for 4 months
It’s a new way for my company brand to stand out from the crowd.