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The app adapts perfectly to the driver’s busy schedule
With a single tap of a button, drivers can accept jobs from the dispatch
or from customers due to the advanced auto dispatch system.
How the application works ...
Go online
To go online, drivers need to select their account. If a driver uses two cars, we’ve got that covered, too. By just swiping left, the corresponding account can be selected.
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Request jobs
Drivers can receive orders through the passenger app or dispatch. They are notified based on their proximity to the pick up location or prioritized according to preferences.
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Pick up the passenger
The app provides detailed and accurate route directions through Google Maps integration, helping drivers arrive on time.
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Rate the passenger
Drivers shouldn't deal with aggressive or disrespectful riders. The rating system ensures that the misbehaved riders are barred from using the app.
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Voice Chat
We are dedicated to keeping drivers safe on the road and ensure ongoing, bidirectional communication with riders.

Informing the customer about a delay due to various reasons can be done with a single tap, at the same time keeping the focus on the road.
Client Anticipata
Client Anticipata
Smart map
The app shows other drivers’ placement and the areas with the highest demand. It’s a feature that helps drivers spread out and find the most convenient locations for them.
Turn-by-turn navigation
Drivers get turn-by-turn navigation to the passenger's pick-up
address trough Google Maps integration.

Alternatively, they can use their favorite navigation app. Popular choices are Google Maps app, Waze,, Yandex or Baidu.
Client Anticipata
Easy to use, fast and smart
Due to the intuitive and advanced interface, the app requires minimal technical skills.
Our app is the tool that any taxi driver can happily rely on.
What are the drivers saying ?
Review 1
Brian, UK
Uses the app for 6 months
This app turned my job as a taxi driver into one of the easiest things to do !
Review 2
Patrick, USA
Uses the app for 2 months
I like the transparency and that my work can finally be rated and appreciated.